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How We Work

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Phase 1: Conceptual Development:

Producing a new product begins with an idea, either generated by Contact Plastics or a potential customer.

After an initial meeting between Contact Plastics and the customer, a sketch of the prospective new product is drawn up and distributed for comment.

Phase 2: Literature Study:

Once the conceptual development phase is complete, Contact Plastics will typically conduct a detailed patent search with our chosen patent attorney to ensure that there are no patents in existence for the concept under review.

We would also spend significant time researching relevant SANS codes to which the product must comply and the testing required achieve compliance with these codes.

Phase 3: Prototyping:

This is an exciting part of the product development process in which our tool shop, 3BT, can produce a detailed 3D model of the intended end product.

Once the 3D model is approved by all parties involved, we produce a 3D model on our in-house 3D printer for approval by the client.

Phase 4: Toolmaking:

In this phase we actually produce the tool for mass production of the product. This is where the master toolmakers show their skills by designing and manufacturing tools which not only produce the desired product but do so with material efficiency in mind.

Please note that we offer several options to finance tooling manufacture.

For sole production, the client typically pays for the tool in full.

For split production (in which Contact Plastics has license to manufacture and distribute alongside the client) the tooling costs can be split in a proportion depending on the application.

Phase 5: Manufacture:

In this phase we install the tool to the intended machine for mass production.

The choice of manufacturing method will have a huge effect on the tooling cost, per product cost and the rate of manufacture.

Lead times are subject to availability. Please check the product lead time with us via Whatsapp or email before placing your order.

You Dream It We Make It!