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Contact Plastics is your one-stop destination for all you tooling and plastic production needs.
With over 35 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the plastic manufacturing industry. Our commitment to delivering high-quality products and exceptional service has earned us a strong reputation among our clients.

Our expertise lies in various plastic production processes, including injection moulding, rotational moulding, compression moulding, dip moulding, and flow moulding. These processes allow us to produce a wide range of plastic components and products with precision and efficiency.

In our injection moulding department, we operate multiple machines, including a 650-tonne machine for large components. This high-volume production method enables us to create accurately dimensioned products for various industries.

Our rotational moulding process involves the use of heated hollow moulds that slowly rotate, allowing the plastic material to disperse and adhere to the walls of the mould. This technique is ideal for producing large, hollow plastic components.

Compression moulding, another method we specialize in, involves preheating the moulding material and placing it in a compression moulding cavity. This process is commonly used for materials such as recycled PVC, LLDPE, PP, PU, or PVA.

Dip moulding is a process in which a hot mould or mandrill is dipped into a tank of plastisol. The liquid vinyl adheres to the mould, forming a coating that is then cured, cooled, and stripped off. This technique offers advantages such as low tooling costs, quick lead times, and the ability to achieve various textures and vibrant colors.

Flow moulding, utilizing plastisol, is a simple process that allows us to create products with textured or foamed surfaces. Our expertise in flow moulding technology positions us as a national leader in this field.

This enables us to design and manufacture tooling for all our plastic production processes, ensuring optimal quality and efficiency.

At Contact Plastics, we are committed to sustainable development. We actively engage in plastic recycling initiatives, ensuring that no waste plastic is dumped. Instead, we recycle and reuse plastic waste, contributing to a cleaner environment and a circular economy.

Our product departments cover a wide range of industries, including road safety, fire safety, trucking components, pest control, and bike boxes. We strive to provide innovative, durable, and visually appealing products that meet the unique requirements of each industry.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and innovation, Contact Plastics is dedicated to exceeding expectations and delivering high-quality plastic components and products. We are proud of our achievements and look forward to partnering with you to bring your plastic manufacturing projects to life.

Lead times are subject to availability. Please check the product lead time with us via Whatsapp or email before placing your order.

You Dream It We Make It!