Road safety range
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Contractor's cone 2kg PVC base with the cone available in PE or flexible PVC. Contact Plastics contractor's cone comes in two colours: flourescent orange and luna yellow. High visibility of the contractor's cone enables it to be seen in different circumstances. Contractor's cones can be used to guide traffic, protect from potholes or dangerous areas and in schools, parking lots or as a warning to traffic behind a broken down vehicles. Contact Plastics delineator cones are versatile and come in different sizes.
Interlocking speed hump Flexible, long lasting and durable. Simply build your speed hump to the specific size by adding the desired number of sections. Interlocking speed humps are used for traffic control in higher risk areas eg schools, hospitals, areas with high pedestrian foot traffic. Speed humps are marked with high visibility colouring, and can be customised according to the width of the area needed to cover as they can be interlocked. . R 200.00
Interlocking Lane Dividers Reflective tape is 3M HIP (high intensity prismatic). Interlocking lane dividers are used to protect pedestrians from vehicles, and to divide the lanes on the tarmac, creating a barrier between lanes.Lane dividers are used to direct traffic eg during construction, massive crowds at sporting events, shopping centers, dividing traffic flowing in different directions. R 650.00
Interlocking Speed Hump End Cap R 65.00
Pedestrian barrier Safely barricade off dangerous sections to keep pedestrians safe.Pedestrian barriers are used for crowd control, are easily visible, and protective against reasonable impact, while being easily moved and light weight. R 200.00
Yellow Contractor's cone Yellow Contractor's cone R 43.00
Flexi Soft Orange Cone Soft and highly visible road cones
Interlocking road water barriers Safely divert traffic from hazardous construction areas.High visibility colouring ensures that the barriers are easy to see. R 850.00
Delineator Rubber base All bases come complete with locking pins.  
Hard Contractor Cone PVC base with the cone available. Contact Plastics contractor's cone comes in two colours: flourescent orange and luna yellow.
Reboundable delineator Set SS Flexible, long lasting and durable. That describes the Contact Plastics range. Simply replace the reflector if the sign is damaged or if a different reflector is needed. Delineators create a barrier with an interlocking base. High visibility colours on the delineators have a great visual impact on pedestrians and drivers increasing safety by guiding traffic, and useful in multiple settings. Delineators can be used in any place needing to move foot traffic or other in a specific directions, and is used on roads and highways where any potential problems pose a threat to the road users. R 650.00
Reboundable delineator Set D/D R 700.00
Replacement Base Tornado  
Replacement Base Interlocking R 380.00
Replacement Blade Combo Various sizes delineator blades to choose from. Blades are highly visible due to the reflective yellow and black stripes. Replace blades as broken R 420.00
13KG Reboundable Combo SS R 380.00
13KG Reboundable Combo D/S R 460.00
800 X 200 Blade D/S R 31.00
Contractor Cone - HARD Contact Plastics cones are designed with a low centre of gravity which prevents the cones from ‘flying’ on impact. we use the highest quality materials to manufacture the cones
Reflective Sleeve Supply Additional High night visibility R 18.00
Wheel Chock Trailer Prevents vehicles moving from parking, uneven surface increases stability in securing the trailer R 60.00
Wheel Chock STD R 70.00
Wheel Chock HD High quality, rough surface for better grip R 240.00
Corner Board 1.2M R 75.00
Corner Board 2M R 130.00
Speed Ramp 50MM Rubber Flexible, long lasting and durable. R 145.00
Firebox excl Bracket R 380.00

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