Flexible Moulded Bellows

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Movement caused by thermal contraction or expansion is reduced by having flexible bellows which allow for movement while keeping the structural integrity of the elements. Flexible bellows allow for the absorption of vibration, and are long lasting and durable. Contact Plastics uses custom designs, but with our prototype to product policy can create variation designs according to client requirements.

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580mm x 95mm 160mm x 70mm 370mm x 50mm 350mm x 50mm 330mm x 40mm 155mm x 30mm 185mm x 85mm 430mm x 30mm 70mm x 25mm 140mm x 110mm  185mm x 60mm  105mm x 35mm  135mm x 100mm 


For the Contact Plastics Flexible Bellows catalogue please contact us or visit our online shop to view our products.

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