Injection Moulding


Injection moulding (molding) 

The advantages of injection moulding / molding is that the plastic product is accurate and quick and is used for mass production, or for smaller volumes. With plastic products produced en mass using plastic injection moulding, the price is drastically reduced the higher the volume of plastic products made.

The plastic injection moulding (molding) process is as follows:

Plastic granules are melted down and the heated material is fed into a heated cavity, and mixed. Once mixed, the heated plastic polymer mix is forced into a mould cavity where it cools down and sets. Which the plastic injection process, plastic products can be made en mass and quickly.

Injection moulding creates brand consistency, but it can be pricey when started up. 

Injection moulding has upfront costs needing design, and testing. Which means the design should be tested well before the manufacture.Contact Plastics enusres good quality testing and design to minimise outlay costs.  

Plastic injection moulding means that a design can be custom made according to the company’s need.

As the upfront costs are quite high, having a company that already has an injection mould machines is ideal. Contact Contact Plastics for more information regarding the creation of plastic products using the Plastic Injection. 

Contact Plastics - from prototype to production.

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