flow Moulding in South Africa: Plastic flow Moulding


Flow moulding also known as Mould flow

Mould flow uses software to do flow analysis before the plastic products are produced to identify problems in design or inaccuracies.

Having a mould flow means that you can save costs in the long run, as mistakes or possible problems can be ironed out and defective products are reduced or removed.

When to use MFA?

Mould (mold) flow analysis (MFA) is necessary for bigger projects where the size of the manufacture will warrant using mould flow analysis, and those with complex geometry, or less tolerance to the production specifications. 

How does mould flow analysis work?

Mould flow analysis simulates the flow of the plastic flow showing inconsistencies and problems that will be incurred by the mould. 

How does mould flow analysis help you?

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