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We manufacture a wide range of plastic products in Gauteng. Being a plastics products manufacturer in Gauteng we are able to supply a wide range of plastic products, and we have facilities to create various plastic products on demand with our die making tools. Read More..
Our plastic products which we manufacture are environmentally friendly using recycled materials. As a top plastic products manaufacturer, we deliver high quality, and large quantity at the best prices.See our full range>>

We are a proudly South African company catering to a large market in South Africa, servicing from Gauteng to Cape Town, and even internationally.

We create a variety of safety plastic products which we manufacture on a large scale. Our range of plastic products is always growing as more and more clients commission us to design and manufacture new ideas.

Contact Plastics are and have been specializing in the production of tailor-made plastics since 1986. Their state-of-the-art equipment, operated by our specially trained staff, enables the custom design, develop and manufacturing of your plastics product. Contact Plastics in-house manufacturing is quick, simple and adheres to international standards. Their range of products is constantly growing, as more client’s commission them to design and manufacture their new designs.

Contact Plastics offers advice and guidance on all your product solutions (local and international). In rare cases where it is more cost effective to import products directly from the far East than to produce them here in South Africa, We can can will assist you with the importing of plastic products from reliable international sources.



Contact Plastics - from prototype to production.

Contact Plastics - from prototype to production.

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